Wedding + Elopement

How do you decide the music for our film? 
Due to copyright laws, and to support hard working song writers, I pay to legally license all music that goes into my films. I strive for a cinematic and timeless feel for each film and do my best to compliment the music to your personality and your wedding. 

How do you get audio?
In order to get quality audio from your officiant, those giving toasts, and you (during your vows) I place a discrete mic on each person. I understand certain dress fabrics and designs make this difficult so we do have other options. Additionally, I coordinate with DJs or other audio technicians to get a backup audio feed during the ceremony and toasts.

How many weddings and elopements do you take each year?
In order to keep the quality of my films high and ensure my clients have a great experience I take a limited number of weddings and elopements. For the 2018/2019 season I’ll be taking up to 15 weddings and a max of two per month.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?
Heck yes! I want to work with clients and couples regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or genetic information.

Will you work well with our photographer?
Your photos are important to me too and I will communicate and work closely with your photographer to make sure everyone has an amazing experience! And if you need any help finding a photographer, I’m happy to give you recommendations!

How do we book you?
I ask for a signed contract and a retainer equaling 50% of your total package to ensure your date. Your final payment is due 4 weeks before your wedding/elopement.

When do we see the final film?
Quality takes time but I know you’ll be anxious to relive your big day! Depending on your package I share a 60 second teaser within a few weeks of your wedding/elopement. The final film will be delivered between 8-16 weeks.

What about Destination Weddings?
I love a good adventure and I’ll follow you wherever your love takes you! Choose the type of coverage you want and add travel costs. Because each wedding is unique, especially when traveling is involved, custom packages can be created!

What’s included in travel fees?
Travel fees are added for events 100 miles outside of Dallas, TX.  Fees can include flights, baggage fees, and ground transportation (rental car and/or gas), lodging, and meals. 

Business + Documentary

What's your process?

  • The first step is often overlooked but it’s incredibly important! Before I ever pick up a camera, I’ll work with you to develop what your story is, who it is for, and how it should be told. This is an opportunity to dream big and get creative! My goal is to be able to visualize the finished product from the beginning.
  • Bringing the vision to life requires all things auditory and visual. I’ll shoot interviews and supporting footage, and capture all the pieces that we need to show and tell your story.
  • We’re not done yet! It’s time to make an impact!  I want to connect your story to your audience.  I’ll work hard to piece it together cohesively, authentically, and beautifully. You’ll be a part of this process too and have opportunity for feedback.

What type of businesses work with you?
I love working with passionate people and organizations. I'd prefer to collaborate with causes I can get passionate about too. Although this isn't the whole list this includes : Non-Profits, both local and international, creatives and craftsmen, small businesses, and individuals. Check out my work or get in touch if you're interested! 

Why do businesses/organizations need storytelling?
Research has shown that reaching an audience through storytelling can be incredibly effective in spreading your message and raising support. Furthermore, I believe stories help us share universal truths that can connect us on a fundamental human level. This leads to true empathy and engagement.

How do we book you?
I ask for a signed contract and a 50% retainer. Depending on our agreement travel expenses will be paid up front or invoiced later. The balance is due when I deliver your final video/s. 

Do you work alone?
During the process, I may need to assemble a small team to help achieve the vision.  Most often this takes place in during production phase so I can focus on maintaining the direction while someone assists with camera and audio. Anyone who works with me is a trusted professional. 

Do you have insurance and liability?
I have insurance to protect myself and my gear as well as liability should things go wrong, I'm covered!