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I help couples, creatives, and businesses tell their story through film.

As a director and filmmaker, I have spent  years honing my creative expertise as a visual storyteller. I direct, shoot, and produce all of my films with a keen awareness to the details of your story. I believe great storytellers are collectors of emotions, sounds, environments and moments. It is my job to take you back to those feelings and moments through film and story.


“It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the
story needs a great storyteller.” - Alan Rickman



My work is about guiding others in telling their story. I am so grateful that this work takes me all around the world. Wherever your story takes place, I would love to meet you there and capture it with authenticity and care.

Client Reviews

"We shared the final documentary with all those who contributed financially for the trip to happen. Telling the story well is one of the greatest reasons people will contribute year after year. She carefully considered ways to tell our story in a powerful way and exceeded our expectations. Also, in the context of shooting video in a foreign country, April was extremely sensitive to our surroundings and remained in a place of appropriateness in how she worked. While her duty was to capture a story, she was respectful to the locals at all times."
— Adam Barnett (Sooners4Haiti)

“We invited her into a special moment in our life and she immediately understood us, respected us, and valued what we valued.”
— Marissa Henderson

“I love this so much!!! You are sent to earth from the videography gods above!”
— Brittney Smith

"She has the unique ability in the field to both be present relationally with her clients while still have a shotlist running in the back of her head of what she'll need for the film. I appreciated her creative eye and trusted her with our clients." 
— Rachel Goble (The Freedom Story)

"Since we eloped, our video became a treasured way to remember our trip and we loved having it to show our families."
— Chelsea Crawford

“It blew our minds at how much it truly meant to us. The speeches, the dancing, the ceremony the people we get to relive it all in such a realistic way whenever we want.”
— Mady Davis

“There wasn’t any awkward posing or “faking”, but you really just captured every real emotion and important parts of the day.”
— Alyssa Ivy