Stu + Rachel

Oh goodness, for whatever reason it's taken me awhile to get this video finalized -- okay, I know the reasons -- travel, life, sleep, being busy. But every moment I sat down to work on this story, I worked with such a huge smile on my face. This couple is SO FUN! Like SO DAMN FUN! By the end of the night, the photog and I were having drinks with these two dancing next to them on the dance floor. So, yeah, they kind of rule. And on top of that, they are gorgeous and adorably committed to each other -- I mean 7 years and counting! Even after a first look, the look on Stu's face as his bride walked toward him was unlike any I've ever seen. His Lips quivering -- my heart swooning -- all of our eyes tearing up. What an amazing day. Another point to mention, because it does not get explained in the video, is they did a wine box capsule type thing in the ceremony. Stu and Rachel each wrote a letter to each other, and then each of their parents did the same. They put all the letters in this wine box to be opened on their 5th anniversary. UNLESS, they are having a hard time (which occasionally happens in marriage) so hard that it requires opening up the box to remind them of why they entered this road together in the first place. I think that is so wonderful and unique and special and I hope more couples do sweet crap like that. 

The cherry on top, was getting to work alongside great vendors, including the other half of the dream-team Melissa Marshall - because she rocks. And shoutout to my second shooter - Kristen Leach! 

I hope you all enjoy watching as much as I did capturing ! 

April KirbyComment